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Sami Niemelä
Sami Niemelä
Helmi Domínguez Vanha-aho
Helmi Domínguez Vanha-aho
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Growing a New Community

ESport players and viewers are a large crowd today. We helped Telia reach this audience in a way that actually helps the community and lifts the status of the sport.

This was done by creating Finland’s biggest Esport league: Telia Esports Series, that provides promising players a way to develop as professionals and give teams national visibility. For the first time players were brought into the limelight: Finnish TV programs, ads and live events. Esports website streams live games, keeps tracks of the national tournament statistics and reports Esport news.


  1. ESports brand identity, used nation wide across media.
  2. Visual design & UX for the eSports website.