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Business Finland
Vision and scalable offering for a joint smart cities
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Business Finland



Jutta Johansson
Jutta Johansson
Sami Niemelä
Sami Niemelä
Tatu Vienamo
Tatu Vienamo
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Vision and scalable joint offering for a sustainable smart city

Nordkapp worked with Business Finland, VTT and a group of leading Finnish companies to build a joint Smart Sustainable Cities vision and a scalable offering for driving cross-sectoral collaborations in the Finnish and international markets.

The joint project team worked to identify emerging future opportunities, local strengths and universal smart city building blocks. Also, four different strategic approaches for reaching smart sustainable futures were identified. Through targeted workshop sessions, the team co-created an initial approach for supporting the transition both on local and global levels.

  1. 4 strategic approaches for Smart Sustainable Cities
  2. Key building blocks and 11 future opportunity areas
  3. Joint collaboration model for driving future opportunities