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Open Fell Biking
Co-creating all-year cycling destination
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Open Fell Biking



Sami Niemelä
Sami Niemelä
Heikki Savonen
Heikki Savonen
Erkki Izarra
Erkki Izarra
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Co-creating an all-year cycling destination

At a high level, one euro invested in cycling brings 8 back to society. Nordkapp engaged into a two-year program with Inari-Saariselkä travel organisation to crystallise the cycling value proposition and offer the unique northern territory with its open fells, both in summer and winter.

Together with the local entrepreneurs we create a unique value proposition based on the natural competitive advantage of the area — large open fells and forests. Thus the idea of “Open Fells and Taiga Forest” created the brand Open Fell Biking which we started making real head on.

Nordkapp facilitated and designed the Open Fell Biking brand, which brought the businesses of Saariselkä, a small municipality up north, together under one four-season tourism and travel experience: cycling at the open Lappish fells.

From the get-go, the identity was created to be classic, timeless and targeted to international audiences as a lifestyle brand, instead of just in-the-know-niche. The open fells with long winter and extensive snowpack includes naturally summer trails for both organic and e-fat-, gravel and mountain bikes and winter biking, for fat e-bikes.
The artefacts we’ve created to support the concept include summer and winter maps, and other brand touchpoints to support the local entrepreneurs in making the concept fly.